Thursday, 29 May 2014

My amazing rides

I am so tired from all that walking around.My family and I went to unaversile studeos theam park.Trust me it was awesome.I got to see the trasforms and I got to go on the mummy rollacosta,and no it is not for mummys it is for mummys like that moster mummys.I loved it.It was like going on a trip of horror a big rollercoster of horror.My dad started to screem when we started to move it was funny.He sceremed the most and that was funny.The mummy ride was so scery it spashed water on us it poped up with so zomebis and
there were fire.But enough of that I will talk about the the transformers.My dad loved it the most ans it was 3D how awesome is that.I was so happy and luky to go to singpore and go to all these things.Oh yea I forgot to tell you about the donky show.The donky show was amzing I got picked to talk to sherks donky.The donky was so funny the whole crowed laughed just when he said one thing and that thing was I thought keiws are fruit.But that is that I am going to tell you about one more ride.This ride is just a little ride but cool.I got to drive a truck and I had my mum and dad at the back.The ride was bummpy but awsome.There were bugs everywhere and there were anamails to on the ride.Well that is all I done today.Cheek back on my blog as I will be posting things about maybe the flyer.


  1. Hi Mya! That sounds like so much fun! What has been the highlight of your trip so far?

    Miss Ouano :)

  2. Hi Mya,

    In class 10 everyone misses you but it sounds that you had a lot of fun.

    from Adriel

  3. I miss everyone to but I am coming back on monday so see you soon:)

  4. Hi Mya I like you story and at was so cool and mya how did you done the story did you took your netbook too and did you hold a snack.

  5. Ha HA lanzie Hey but my wasnt that just amazing far out
    By olivia


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