Sunday, 25 May 2014

The raffles hotel

Oh my gosh that was such a awesome lunch I had today at the raffles hotel.My family and I went to the raffles hotel and eat the most amazing food but most expensive food to. Well there were about eight stations at the restaurant and they were all so nice.But some of my favorite stations were the pasta station,the fruit station and the meat station oh and also the dessert station.Now I like the pasta station because they actually made it fresh it was not just pasta from paknsave it was so nice and hot to. I loved it also it was very creamy not to mencin. Ok I like the
fruit station to because it was so delicious I wish I could have it again,there was this one fruit and it was watermelon but not red water melon it was yellow and very juicy also it had the most wonderful tased ever.That watermelon was the best thing I liked about that hotel but I still had a few more favorites in there like the lamb oh it was the best and so fresh,and it had the most divine taste to it.It was so good.wait one minute I forgot to tell you about the most good desert
ever like the bread and butter pudding that is nice and so what is the word oh yea fresh yup it had just been made.that was my favorite dessert as well as the caramel balls.The caramel balls had such a beautiful taste to it and it would just moult nicely into your mouth.Other than that me and my dad were playing a game and basically you have to guess which flavor it was.The flavors were caramel and chocolate but the hard part was to close you eyes and see which flavor it is but they taste exactly the same.Well that is all I have for today but be sure to check back on my blog as I will be writing more and more things about singapore.

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  1. Hi Mya that look really yummy see you at school I'v missed you so much I wish i can come with you bye you are great at netball By Revival.


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