Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My trip to china town

I had the best day today me my mum dad and went to a place called china town and I liked it alot so did my mum and dad.We were sweating because of the heat and all the walking around, but it was alright ,it was fun.I bought some things  like the merlion, if you don’t know what the the merlion is than read my last story that I posted. Anyways more about the stuff that I brought.
I also got a crystal diamond that says singapore.Ok I have told you what I got  but let me tell you what my mum got.It was hilarious trust me you will laugh.My mum got these baggy long pants
and I just started laughing and laughing  but it was cool too but look out she might wear them when she picks me up from school.She loved it so she bought all of the colors.When my dad first saw them my mum unfolded them half way and my dad said that is not to bad then my mum unfolded the rest of it and my dad said for pj’s I was laughing so hard my mum laughed to so it was not mean it was just a funny moment for all of us.Oh yea and also I got somethin for my teacher I think she’ll love it.Well that is all I done today.Be sure to cheek my blog out tomorrow as I will be posting things about the warter park or the flyer.If you do not know what the flyer is you will just have to wait and fined out on my next post.

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