Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What is Easter?

What is Easter?
People have different beliefs about what Easter is.Some people believe that it is about eating Easter eggs or that  Jesus resurrected.And some people don’t even celebrate it.
 Easter eggs
Ancient Egyptians and  Persians believe that the earth hatched from egg.they celebrated new life by decorating egg and bright spring colours.
The first chocolate eggs were made in Germany in the 19th Cauchy.

Easter Sunday
Christians believe that Jesus died on a cross for their sins .On Easter Friday Jesus died on the cross.It was said that on Easter Sunday Jesus resurrected into heaven.

All over the world, there are many beliefs about the wonderful day about Easter.What does Easter mean to you?  

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Fiafia

What is Fiafia?
I am going to explain what fiafia is. Fiafia is all about dance it is all about culture and the feeling when you get when you dance. Fiafia can lead you to a whole new level. Like one move can set a whole generation,one move can set a once in a lifetime opportunity but some moves can get anyone to just stand up and dance to feel them self move and glide.

I am in the hip hop group,hip hop is a blast I am one of the girl leaders. I don’t do anything but just correct the teacher when she gets the moves wrong. Anyway it was still cool to be  chosen  to be a leader.Hip hop is fun and  creative and also way to express yourself.

Also I manage myself  relate to others and always participate and  contribute when I dance.It is fun awesome and cool.When I dance I contribute,when I dance I participate and that is what makes dance fun. So you can always have fun even we you follow rules.

Always make sure that you follow the rules for dance and trust me you will have the most awesome time.

Well that is all I have to say check back on my blog as there will be way more to came.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

My writing about the key competencies

Do you know what the key competencies are,Well the key competencies are five useful skills that you must always use at school and out.

I am going to explain to you how I use the key competencies and what I am successful at using them. Also I am going to explain what I need to improve on to.

I am successful at participating and contributing because I join in a lot of games also I  contribute by  giving my help to other people.
It is a lot of fun to participate and  contribute.

OK now since you know what I can do I think it is time for you to know what I can’t do.I am not really good at relating to others normally but I am  bad at it other times.I know I can relate to others and I will try my best this year.

Now it is time for me to go, check back on my blog as their will be more to come. Do you know what key competencies you are good at.