Friday, 11 April 2014

My Fiafia

What is Fiafia?
I am going to explain what fiafia is. Fiafia is all about dance it is all about culture and the feeling when you get when you dance. Fiafia can lead you to a whole new level. Like one move can set a whole generation,one move can set a once in a lifetime opportunity but some moves can get anyone to just stand up and dance to feel them self move and glide.

I am in the hip hop group,hip hop is a blast I am one of the girl leaders. I don’t do anything but just correct the teacher when she gets the moves wrong. Anyway it was still cool to be  chosen  to be a leader.Hip hop is fun and  creative and also way to express yourself.

Also I manage myself  relate to others and always participate and  contribute when I dance.It is fun awesome and cool.When I dance I contribute,when I dance I participate and that is what makes dance fun. So you can always have fun even we you follow rules.

Always make sure that you follow the rules for dance and trust me you will have the most awesome time.

Well that is all I have to say check back on my blog as there will be way more to came.

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  1. Hay Mya,
    awesome writing how was it being in hip hop?
    did you have fun to?
    I bet you did


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