Friday, 28 February 2014

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My writing

What does a good friend mean? A good friend means that they will always be there for you no matter what. For example if you are upset about something then tell a friend and then they will help you get through it.

When you get bullied a good friend will stand up for you and tell that bully to stop it. Sometimes when you just want to be alone you good friend will be there even if you need space your friend will just talk about it so it will make you feel better. If you feel sick then your  nice and good friend will take you to the sick bay and get you help.

Wherever you are, a nice friend is there when  you need her. Like if you are really excited about something but you can’t do it  because you do not know how to do it a good friend will teach you. But if they don’t know how to do it either then you and your friend will learn it together.

You are just stressed over something but your friend will help you. Picture this,   you don’t know what to do but  you friend will still come through for you.But a great friend will tell you the truth even at the toughest times. A lot of things will happen in life but know matter what a amazing friend  will always be there every step of the way.