Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The sea aquarium

Wow I am so tired from all that walking around all day.Today my family and I went to the sea aquarium. It was one of the best days of my life because there were so many beautiful
and weird looking things like the leopard sting ray. Apparently  the leopard sting ray feeds on
worms little fish and jellyfish that is gross but very tasty to them. Also I saw a huge  fish
it was bigger than me, it was black and had big lips but googly eyes. The sea aquarium
is so big you have to catch a tram to the next bit of it. But anyways more about the creatures.
Well I got to see a humongous crayfish, it was half stripy and half red that is totally weird. Ok
now I have told you about all of the fish and stingrays but where's the fun in that, so I am going to talk about the sharks and the merlion. Lets talk about the merlion first. 
Now a long time ago there was a prince, his father gave him a crown that was very shiny as it was presented to him. One day when he & his men were getting things ready he saw a beautiful piece of land and he just had to see it, so he gathered his men and they set off to the ocean but as they were out there a
big shield of evil came over and the men were terrified they did not know what  to do. The
prince did, It had to cost him something very precious to get to that piece of land. And just like that he threw the gold shiny crown into the deep blue ocean and the crown was lost forever. The prince did not care so he and his men carried on and finally got there. When the prince got there a lion appeared the men were so scared, but at that point the prince did not know what to do. 
Suddenly a glorious thing happened, there was a connection between the prince & the lion and just like that the lion was gone so the prince stared a new country and that country is singapore known as the Lion City. The merlion was made as a symbol for singapore, also it represents singapore. Ok now you must be wondering how did a merlion get made as a myth, well the prince mixed a lion and a fish because the lion is part of the prince and the fish was from the waves in the big evil that they had to face and that is how the merlion was made and that is how singapore was found too. Sorry that is all I have for today, but please check out my blog as I will be posting more interesting stories.

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  1. did you swim on the pool I like swimming good bye


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