Friday, 9 May 2014

My holiday writing

You will never Guess what I did this holiday,I went to go visit my new house in rotorua . It is so big and I have so much space to ride my bike and scooter around.I would never feel that I would have my very own house it is such a big moment for me and my family.

The moment we found out was when me and my mum were at the Vodafone warriors game. During the game my mum got a call and she screamed with joy ahhhhhh!”What mum What” and out it went “ we got the house Mya” “Really oh yay”. I was jumping and jumping because  we got the house it was the happiest  moment of my life.

Once we got home we rang my dad at work and told him he was so grateful had such a great day at work .After a couple of days my dad returned  from work and we happily jumped with joy even my British bulldog she was doing some tricks and jumping.

I would wonder to myself it took nine  years for me to get  a house and that was my only dream and that dream did come true.

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  1. Hi are you living there forever that is what cameo said


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