Sunday, 25 May 2014

The night safari in singapore

Today I went to the singapore zoo’s night safari and let me tell you it was the best experience .And did you know that there is an animal called a tapir  and  it looks just like an ant eater  but it is acutely related to an horse wow that is weird. But if you have not seen a aut eater or a tapir
search it  up on google and you will see the resemblance but if you don’t see the resemblance between those too  look at an tapirs nose and look at a ant eaters nose  and the you may see what you are looking for but just to remind they do not have the same nose it is just simler .Anyways enough about that let's move on to the next animal.Now the next animal  is a cute nice cuddly thing called a otter.An otter is a little animal that is brown and fury and a little fun fact about these guys is that they recycle and they are really good at helping the environment. Ok now I have toled you about the cute and cuddle animals but as well as they have to nice ones they also have to ferce ones like the  doted and the striped hyenas .Now there  is a diffence betewwn these  two because the stripy one is just a normal hyena but the doted ones are also known as the laughing
hyenas they  laugh and laugh so high but that is not the deadly bit they can also crush any bons even an elephant's bone and they can chase you at 3 kolomiets top seed and just keep biting to until you stop running and go down to the grown.I will continue with another fierce animal
like the king of the jungle the lion now as you all know the hyenas are the enemies to the lions
there has been a big feud between them for many years and for many years to come to but right now lets focus on the lions. Now there is a big loin which is cool to see but along with that lion is
a female lion and this is not just a regular loin it is a white  loin and it lives with the king.In case you wanted yo know  the king is 5 years old ans the aother loin is 4 years old.Oh sorry I am out of time but be sure to cheek out more stuff on my blog as I will be posting more thing about the zoo or what Singapore food taste like.
One more thing to in my next post I might mention the founder of singapore.Do you know who is the founder of singapore ?

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