Friday, 12 September 2014

Being cyber smart

Using your brain is what you need to do all the time but the most time you could use you brain is online.Why you might ask well it is important to
stay safe online.Also you can always choose the right path.

Using my brain online
The reason why you need to use your brain is to be safe online. You never know who is watching.Like you always have to keep safe and never go on things that you are not supposed to.Always make sure that you are safe online because if you are safe you are happy.

Using my heart
OK now using your hart is just as good as using your brain online.The reason you will have to use you heart online is because when you use your own heart it is like you are giving it your all.For example if I am writing an email and it is important you will use you heart to express what i am felling.

Being cyber smart
Cyber smart  is like being smart on the internet well it is.If you are not cyber smart then you are not using your brain,or your heart.So always remember to be cyber smart so you are no silly on the internet.

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  1. Hello Mya,
    I like the way you were talking about being cyber smart.
    I really enjoyed reading your writting.


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