Friday, 23 May 2014

My trip to the singapore zoo

You will never guess what I done today I went to the singapore zoo and held a snake but let me tell you all about it from when me and my mum got to the zoo. My mum and I entered the zoo and the first the thing we saw was a poisonous sting ray . There were five of them and their eyes were camouflaged to their  skin it was really creepy but is was awesome and weird.After seeing the sting ray we moved on and saw a cute white polar bear it was so big and lazy all it done was sleep and laid on its big iceberg also it had cute eyes and a black nose.After a little while me and my mum got to see the splash safari it got me so wet the seal  kept on splashing me over and over again it was so cool to get wet and also it cooled me down i loved it but not as much as the elephant show because I got more wet the elephant
suced up some warter and spred it right on me and I was soaking wet it was the best thing
about the zoo.Oh wait a minute i forgot about the snake well the last show we went and watched was the rainforest fights back now that was amazing because  it shows us all the different types of animals  including primates now you might know primates because you are one too well anyways lets get back to the snake. At the end of the show the people from the show let us take a photo of it and the snake got put on my neck it is wired to feel the skin of a snake but some people believe that snakes are wet and slimy but really they are actually smooth and dry.


  1. Wow Mya! Next time take me with you! I would have loved to of see those beautiful parrots up close. However I am not sure I would feel the same about the snakes!

    Ka pai for sharing your experiences with us here in your blog, keep it up!

    Say hi to Mum and Dad for me,

    Love Miss Ouano :)

  2. Hi Mya
    this is me Seini
    It looks like you enjoyed you trip
    I wish I was there with you. Did the snake scare you?

  3. WOW MYA!Scary honest to who you could hold a alive snake


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