Thursday, 29 May 2014

My amazing rides

I am so tired from all that walking around.My family and I went to unaversile studeos theam park.Trust me it was awesome.I got to see the trasforms and I got to go on the mummy rollacosta,and no it is not for mummys it is for mummys like that moster mummys.I loved it.It was like going on a trip of horror a big rollercoster of horror.My dad started to screem when we started to move it was funny.He sceremed the most and that was funny.The mummy ride was so scery it spashed water on us it poped up with so zomebis and
there were fire.But enough of that I will talk about the the transformers.My dad loved it the most ans it was 3D how awesome is that.I was so happy and luky to go to singpore and go to all these things.Oh yea I forgot to tell you about the donky show.The donky show was amzing I got picked to talk to sherks donky.The donky was so funny the whole crowed laughed just when he said one thing and that thing was I thought keiws are fruit.But that is that I am going to tell you about one more ride.This ride is just a little ride but cool.I got to drive a truck and I had my mum and dad at the back.The ride was bummpy but awsome.There were bugs everywhere and there were anamails to on the ride.Well that is all I done today.Cheek back on my blog as I will be posting things about maybe the flyer.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My trip to china town

I had the best day today me my mum dad and went to a place called china town and I liked it alot so did my mum and dad.We were sweating because of the heat and all the walking around, but it was alright ,it was fun.I bought some things  like the merlion, if you don’t know what the the merlion is than read my last story that I posted. Anyways more about the stuff that I brought.
I also got a crystal diamond that says singapore.Ok I have told you what I got  but let me tell you what my mum got.It was hilarious trust me you will laugh.My mum got these baggy long pants
and I just started laughing and laughing  but it was cool too but look out she might wear them when she picks me up from school.She loved it so she bought all of the colors.When my dad first saw them my mum unfolded them half way and my dad said that is not to bad then my mum unfolded the rest of it and my dad said for pj’s I was laughing so hard my mum laughed to so it was not mean it was just a funny moment for all of us.Oh yea and also I got somethin for my teacher I think she’ll love it.Well that is all I done today.Be sure to cheek my blog out tomorrow as I will be posting things about the warter park or the flyer.If you do not know what the flyer is you will just have to wait and fined out on my next post.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The sea aquarium

Wow I am so tired from all that walking around all day.Today my family and I went to the sea aquarium. It was one of the best days of my life because there were so many beautiful
and weird looking things like the leopard sting ray. Apparently  the leopard sting ray feeds on
worms little fish and jellyfish that is gross but very tasty to them. Also I saw a huge  fish
it was bigger than me, it was black and had big lips but googly eyes. The sea aquarium
is so big you have to catch a tram to the next bit of it. But anyways more about the creatures.
Well I got to see a humongous crayfish, it was half stripy and half red that is totally weird. Ok
now I have told you about all of the fish and stingrays but where's the fun in that, so I am going to talk about the sharks and the merlion. Lets talk about the merlion first. 
Now a long time ago there was a prince, his father gave him a crown that was very shiny as it was presented to him. One day when he & his men were getting things ready he saw a beautiful piece of land and he just had to see it, so he gathered his men and they set off to the ocean but as they were out there a
big shield of evil came over and the men were terrified they did not know what  to do. The
prince did, It had to cost him something very precious to get to that piece of land. And just like that he threw the gold shiny crown into the deep blue ocean and the crown was lost forever. The prince did not care so he and his men carried on and finally got there. When the prince got there a lion appeared the men were so scared, but at that point the prince did not know what to do. 
Suddenly a glorious thing happened, there was a connection between the prince & the lion and just like that the lion was gone so the prince stared a new country and that country is singapore known as the Lion City. The merlion was made as a symbol for singapore, also it represents singapore. Ok now you must be wondering how did a merlion get made as a myth, well the prince mixed a lion and a fish because the lion is part of the prince and the fish was from the waves in the big evil that they had to face and that is how the merlion was made and that is how singapore was found too. Sorry that is all I have for today, but please check out my blog as I will be posting more interesting stories.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The raffles hotel

Oh my gosh that was such a awesome lunch I had today at the raffles hotel.My family and I went to the raffles hotel and eat the most amazing food but most expensive food to. Well there were about eight stations at the restaurant and they were all so nice.But some of my favorite stations were the pasta station,the fruit station and the meat station oh and also the dessert station.Now I like the pasta station because they actually made it fresh it was not just pasta from paknsave it was so nice and hot to. I loved it also it was very creamy not to mencin. Ok I like the
fruit station to because it was so delicious I wish I could have it again,there was this one fruit and it was watermelon but not red water melon it was yellow and very juicy also it had the most wonderful tased ever.That watermelon was the best thing I liked about that hotel but I still had a few more favorites in there like the lamb oh it was the best and so fresh,and it had the most divine taste to it.It was so good.wait one minute I forgot to tell you about the most good desert
ever like the bread and butter pudding that is nice and so what is the word oh yea fresh yup it had just been made.that was my favorite dessert as well as the caramel balls.The caramel balls had such a beautiful taste to it and it would just moult nicely into your mouth.Other than that me and my dad were playing a game and basically you have to guess which flavor it was.The flavors were caramel and chocolate but the hard part was to close you eyes and see which flavor it is but they taste exactly the same.Well that is all I have for today but be sure to check back on my blog as I will be writing more and more things about singapore.

The night safari in singapore

Today I went to the singapore zoo’s night safari and let me tell you it was the best experience .And did you know that there is an animal called a tapir  and  it looks just like an ant eater  but it is acutely related to an horse wow that is weird. But if you have not seen a aut eater or a tapir
search it  up on google and you will see the resemblance but if you don’t see the resemblance between those too  look at an tapirs nose and look at a ant eaters nose  and the you may see what you are looking for but just to remind they do not have the same nose it is just simler .Anyways enough about that let's move on to the next animal.Now the next animal  is a cute nice cuddly thing called a otter.An otter is a little animal that is brown and fury and a little fun fact about these guys is that they recycle and they are really good at helping the environment. Ok now I have toled you about the cute and cuddle animals but as well as they have to nice ones they also have to ferce ones like the  doted and the striped hyenas .Now there  is a diffence betewwn these  two because the stripy one is just a normal hyena but the doted ones are also known as the laughing
hyenas they  laugh and laugh so high but that is not the deadly bit they can also crush any bons even an elephant's bone and they can chase you at 3 kolomiets top seed and just keep biting to until you stop running and go down to the grown.I will continue with another fierce animal
like the king of the jungle the lion now as you all know the hyenas are the enemies to the lions
there has been a big feud between them for many years and for many years to come to but right now lets focus on the lions. Now there is a big loin which is cool to see but along with that lion is
a female lion and this is not just a regular loin it is a white  loin and it lives with the king.In case you wanted yo know  the king is 5 years old ans the aother loin is 4 years old.Oh sorry I am out of time but be sure to cheek out more stuff on my blog as I will be posting more thing about the zoo or what Singapore food taste like.
One more thing to in my next post I might mention the founder of singapore.Do you know who is the founder of singapore ?

Friday, 23 May 2014

My trip to the singapore zoo

You will never guess what I done today I went to the singapore zoo and held a snake but let me tell you all about it from when me and my mum got to the zoo. My mum and I entered the zoo and the first the thing we saw was a poisonous sting ray . There were five of them and their eyes were camouflaged to their  skin it was really creepy but is was awesome and weird.After seeing the sting ray we moved on and saw a cute white polar bear it was so big and lazy all it done was sleep and laid on its big iceberg also it had cute eyes and a black nose.After a little while me and my mum got to see the splash safari it got me so wet the seal  kept on splashing me over and over again it was so cool to get wet and also it cooled me down i loved it but not as much as the elephant show because I got more wet the elephant
suced up some warter and spred it right on me and I was soaking wet it was the best thing
about the zoo.Oh wait a minute i forgot about the snake well the last show we went and watched was the rainforest fights back now that was amazing because  it shows us all the different types of animals  including primates now you might know primates because you are one too well anyways lets get back to the snake. At the end of the show the people from the show let us take a photo of it and the snake got put on my neck it is wired to feel the skin of a snake but some people believe that snakes are wet and slimy but really they are actually smooth and dry.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Ancient Greece writing

A long time ago Syracuse , Ancient Greece  there was a was a great  mathematician named Archimedes.One day when he was taking a bath he discovered something life changing.When he got in the some water got displaced and it overflowed  over the bath tub. Archimedes discovery got him thinking He was so excited that he ran
through the streets without any clothes on shouting Eureka  Eureka this meant I have found it in Greek.

He figured out that if you put something in water  and it is lighter than the amount of water being  displaced,the objected will float. This is own as buoyancy or the Archimedes principle.So if the object can float it is buoyant.

Friday, 9 May 2014

basket boat 2

Basket Boat

We have been reading about a boy who lives in Qui Nhon.  His father is a fisherman and they own a basket boat called a thung chai.
A thung chai can be used for fishing,a paddle boat and you can go for a cruz on it to get fresh air.

My holiday writing

You will never Guess what I did this holiday,I went to go visit my new house in rotorua . It is so big and I have so much space to ride my bike and scooter around.I would never feel that I would have my very own house it is such a big moment for me and my family.

The moment we found out was when me and my mum were at the Vodafone warriors game. During the game my mum got a call and she screamed with joy ahhhhhh!”What mum What” and out it went “ we got the house Mya” “Really oh yay”. I was jumping and jumping because  we got the house it was the happiest  moment of my life.

Once we got home we rang my dad at work and told him he was so grateful had such a great day at work .After a couple of days my dad returned  from work and we happily jumped with joy even my British bulldog she was doing some tricks and jumping.

I would wonder to myself it took nine  years for me to get  a house and that was my only dream and that dream did come true.