Sunday, 1 June 2014

The flyer

My family and I went on the flyer.If you don’t know what the  flyer is it is a big ferist weel that spins around.The Flyer can holed up to 30 pepole each tube.I took alot of photos and I took one photo of a big boat on top of three bulides that was awesome to see.My mum took a photo of me in  front of all the buliteings and the trees.I loved that photo beacuse I know were my mum came from and that remins me if my mum is apart  singapore then I am apart of singapore.Anyways
more about the view I was so happy with it. We got to see so many things like... well I can’t really describe things because there were so many things it was hard to think beacuse I was just focusing on the beautiful  view.Oh yea when we got to the top everyone was freaking I was kinda.The view it self just made me stop and observe  the whole 20 minutes around.My mum was so happy to see all the things that was there when she lived here right in ingapore.She was born here and she hasnt seen sinagpore in 30 years wow.I was so happy to see her happy It was turly the best day ever.Well that is all I have for today cheak out my blog agian as I will be posting my finle post.


  1. I never been there before I wish I was there can you take me there by lanzie

    1. Hi Mya

      That look's so fun there I wish I could go there with my Mum and dad brothers and sisters well I hope you had fun with your mum and dad at all kind of cool, places that you went to and oh what did the food taste like there was it nice and yummy or was it yuck I hope it is yummy cause if it is I would dream of being in food land well have a nice day at school and WELCOME BACK! See you around school Mya and always be happy and don't stop smiling. Bye.


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