Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why should you learn to swim.By Mya

Why should you learn to swim well it is all about safety.  The first rule  for safety is always stay with an adult when you go way out.For example if you are at the beach and a big wave approaches you,When you know how to swim you are more likely to live though a big wave,but if  you do not know how to swim you can die.

The second reason is health,now health is very important for your body.For
example,when you are swimming you are all ready and it is healthy for your body.sometimes you do not even notice it is healthy for your body.


OK exercise is good even when you are swimming.It is great a good sport and as I said good exercise. For you are swimming at the pools and
you are doing a couple of  laps that is good for you and you are doing a great  exercise.


When you are swimming it is fun but if you go too far you will for instance pitcher yourself at a friends birthday party
and you go swimming at the beach.You are having too much fun that you do not even notice that you went way out, and can not swim in very deep water.So never go out,only if you are with a parent or someone over 18.


Now Competitions,you might find yourself as a good swimmer, so you would want to be a professional  and swim in the Olympics.For instance you are a good swimmer and you would like to well be in the Olympics

but you are actually very bad  at swimming so what would you do,you would you do… you would learn how to swim.

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