Thursday, 6 March 2014

My frog life cycle

Do you want to learn about the frog life cycle? Well let me tell you all about it. For the frog life it starts as a little spawn.The spawn is covered in sticky jelly  so it will stay safe.

Once the spawn has grown it will turn  into a little fish. The fish is called a tadpole.Tadpoles have gills so they can breath on land.
When the tadpole has grown a bit more the tail
will fall off and two legs will grow ,then the tadpole will be a froglet.

Froglets hide under leaves and stones so they do not get eaten.
Sometimes they die even when hiding.

OK the froglet is going to be a frog.It is now time  for the froglet  to go through a thing  called metamorphosis. After a while the froglet's gills will disappear and out comes a fully grown frog. The frog will find a partner and the life cycle starts all over again.

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