Thursday, 20 March 2014

My year five and six camp writing.

Have you been camping before? Well I have.The year five and six students went camping and it was a blast, we went to the coolest place ever to camp, that  place was school. We camped at school and I loved it. We had all sorts of fun like cooking, get lost and roller blading.

My most favourite activity was kayaking. Kayaking was amazing because I had a lot of fun and I went right out to the red point by myself, also we were learning how to get into the kayak without falling like we had to climb in by foot bum foot, caretakers was the last group so we were lucky.
Kayaking, it really fun and that is why it is my favourite.

Now top town was also my favourite because it was fun and it was a good chance to corporate with friends and other Pt England also lots of fitness. We raced and crawled and thew and passed but we never gave up even though we came last .I love top town  it is fun and creative.

Also get lost was not bad it was pretty fun. My team had to do the gangnam style,go to oamaru creek and we had to paint our face and dress up.Sometimes we got confused but other times we were sharp.Also we used a Ipad to record it all and it was crazy.

During the evening I was shivering In my tent so I put a few more blankets on. Me and my buddies stayed up most of the night talking about what we were going to do tomorrow. We all wondered what we were actually  going to do,we wondering what we were  going to eat what we are going to do and we wanted to go kayaking again.

Camp is a fun area. I love it because I can play  with friends and meet new kids. Next time I come to camp I am going to make sure that I go kayaking first. Camp is a creative place. When  I am a year 6 I can not wait to go back and have the fun all over again.

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