Friday, 5 December 2014

The story of how Jesus was born

This is the story of how Jesus was  born on a long  time about two thousand years there  lived a woman named Mary she was a kind and hard working woman, she also got engaged to a man named Joseph  

Everything was going great, but one night an angel appeared and gave Mary some news that news was very very good news.He told her that she was going to have gods baby Jesus.Mary was so thrilled to hear that god had picked her to be the caregiver of Jesus.Mary had ran to Joseph and told him the great news.One night when Joseph   was sleeping the angel appeared in his dream and said take good care of baby Jesus you soon to be wife is going to have one.

Joseph   woke up and Mary did too they got a call from some people saying that they have to go to Bethlehem because they have to be counted in their country.So there had set of to  Bethlehem it took a while but they managed to get there even when Mary was pregnant.Joseph   and Mary went from door to door looking for some shelter  but mostly everyone in Bethlehem refused to share there home because it was full with other people. After.After a couple of hours they ask one more man her said “NO I will not let you” Joseph    said “please my wife is pregnant” The man said well OK you can sleep in the stable.Mary and Joseph    were so happy that they had shelter ever though it was a stable filled with animals.

That night Mary had the baby. sheep shepherds had seen a  star and they must have connected and some how known that baby Jesus was born.The shepherds had came and

given some gold and something that smelt really nice.That is the story of how baby Jesus was born into the earth.

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