Monday, 21 July 2014

My Amazing Holiday

Wow I don’t know where to start with my cool holiday.
It was absolutely awesome. My ten cousins and I went swimming, I went to the movies and I went on a fun day with my aunty. 

The most exciting thing about my holiday was moving! That's right I moved to my grandparents house it was fun but I knew that I was going to wake up very early because I live far away from
my favourite school,but I was willing to do that. 

Now back to how we moved. I wasn't that happy I was going to live far away from my school. If I chose to leave point england my family and I would have to move straight down to Rotorua where my mum and dad bought our house. 

Anyway now I can tell you how hard it was to move. Well my two uncles arrived and started to take our stuff. At one o'clock the truck man was supposed to come but he was one hour late and it made it harder for my family to move things. Once the man came  he had very bad english which made it more difficult but it was alright because we could understand him a little bit. 

When the bed was removed from my mum and dads room the room space just opened up and it looked bigger than usual.My strong uncles and my dad had put  mum and dads
bed in the truck  and the truck had to follow my uncles to my grandparents house.

As my uncles were driving the truck did not follow our rules and went on the motorway, when my uncles saw that they had not fallow the rules that my dad gave the man they quickly pulled up and called my dad. 

When they told  my dad he just lost it. He said to my  uncle if they beat the truck then they have time how long it would take for the truck to get
to my grandparents house.

Lucky the truck beat my uncles and everything went back on track. After we moved everything it was dark so we had dinner had a shower and went to bed.

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